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Jogja Architect: Signing of MoU between Amikom University and BPA Studio

Some time ago, our studio was called by the Architecture Department students from Amikom University Yogyakarta. They asked if they could visit our studio to study the architecture bureau and its development. After we agreed on the time, they came and there were quite interesting discussions regarding the topics discussed.
The average student asks how to start and develop an architecture bureau. We actually don't deserve to answer that question because our studio is actually still developing. However, the questions from each of our students are answered as best we can and as far as the knowledge we have.
After some time from the visit, we received an invitation from the Amikom University for the signing of the MoU between Amikom University and Bondan P Architect Studio. This is a separate surprise and honor for us because it can be said that our studio has nothing compared to other architectural bureaus in Yogyakarta.
Architecture is now an aspect that is beginning to be glimpsed by the general public. This is inseparable from the digital age of information that allows people to easily obtain information in the form of written news, images and videos, including architecture.
The community has wide access to be able to see architectural works both locally and internationally, both works that have been built and those that are still in the form of designs. Both done by architects who are already well-known and who are still students.
This is actually also beneficial for architects and blue men. With the presence of internet media, architects and blue men can promote themselves, even for free. They can easily show their work to the wider community. As a result, people who are interested in using their services, will contact. Likewise with us, we also do the same ... :)
For students, this era is an era of openness that can be a double-edged knife. If students cannot be active and serious in learning, it will clearly be easily sunk by those who are more active in learning and practice. While students who are active in learning and practicing, will be able to quickly get the work path in the real world.
Amikom University, with its Digital Architecture slogan, has the right assessment and steps in preparing its students to face architectural competition in the real world. And we BPA Studio feel very lucky and honored to be able to cooperate with Amikom University in this step.
This collaboration triggered us to be even better. This is our encouragement and reminds us that in working and having architecture, aspects outside of architecture itself are very important. How architects can follow the times and adapt, both in work, taste, and morality. Not to be separated from that, the demand to survive and advance in a dynamic era always follows every time we go through.
Thank you to Amikom University for giving us trust, Bondan P Architect Studio, hopefully the cooperation that has been done can always spawn positive things going forward.
Greetings, Architecture

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